Zen Glass Workshop

Zen Glass Workshop

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Come make a beautiful sculpture that illuminates in the sunlight and brings color and magic into your home. (I know, cheesy, but true!)

I invented this material and I am the only artist in the world working with it. I would like to invite you to also experience how exciting it is to work with a material that has the magical qualities of glass without the years of training it takes to work with it!

In my Zen Glass Workshop you will make a sculpture that you can hang anywhere in your home. You can also stick your piece directly to any window! The process involves peeling little round discs of translucent colors that look like candy dots off of a surface, and sticking them to one another. Who doesn't love to pick at things? All you need to be able to do to make a beautiful piece is to be able to squeeze your thumb and forefinger together! I will show you how to build with them to make a beautiful piece of your very own!

Watch the video below to see how I made this large piece I installed at the UICA and MOCAD in Detroit.