Workshops with Jessica Joy London


Project Joy Ink Painting Workshop
Come join us for a rejuvenating and fun painting experience like you've never had before. During my 2 hour workshop I will teach you how to create beautiful museum worthy abstract paintings with ink, yupo paper and many other unexpected materials. 

Absolutely NO experience necessary! I guarantee you will make something museum worthy that you will be proud of. This class is taught by museum exhibited artist, Jessica Joy London. (that's me!) I'm basically sharing my secret techniques I've developed over the past 7 years. 

We will go over 3 different techniques and you will get to test them out on (2) 5” x 7” sheets of Yupo paper. After you finish your 2 small paintings you will be ready to work on a larger 11” x 14” painting. You will get to choose from a wide variety of colors and tools to paint with. We also use other unconventional materials to help create photorealistic texture. Every painting made in class can be framed inexpensively with an off the shelf frame.

1 - 2 days after your class you will receive photos of your dry paintings that will surely brighten your day.

After your work is dry you can come pick up your pieces from 9 - 3:30 Monday to Friday and by appointment or I can mail them to you.

If you are a corporate group I can deliver them to your place of business.

Once you receive your pieces the experience continues as you peel off the various materials you used to create your paintings and discover what lies underneath. This is just as fun if not more fun than actually making the art!

Check out my work and examples from other workshops on my FB page and my Instagram @projectjoystudio

Can't wait to have all of you in my studio!

P.S. There is parking in back!