Color Flow Workshops

Color Flow Workshops.

Before I describe the experience of a color flow workshop. I want to share how I ended up at one. And why I’m writing about one now.

I met Jessica Joy London in August 2017. The company I work for, Azavea, hired an art curator who brought her work into our office for a temporary exhibition. Her work had a powerful effect on me. I was particularly moved by one large piece called Float II. It’s five feet wide by ten feet tall. From a distance the piece has one type of motional energy shaped by a series of large circular forms. And up close there is a completely different type of energy characterized by intricately fine details and textures of color created by natural processes of evaporation and surface tension. I was drawn to the organic blending of the biological and the geological.


Azavea held a reception for a meet and greet for the two artists from our first exhibition. I was excited to meet Jessica because of how much I had been enjoying her art. And sure enjoy Jessica was an absolute Joy. She was very open about her style, process, and approach. Something she said the first night we met has still stuck with me, “I love sharing the process of creating beauty. Because when people create something beautiful, they start to see and treat their world differently.” It was a foreshadow to the months to come where we started working together to help people create beauty. Jessica invited me to her studio to play and create.

Jessica’s process places an emphasis on joy, chance, and play. And so, we started playing. I had so much fun the first time I squirted colored ink on the Yupo paper. There is a beautiful simplicity of release that comes with creating art this way. There is no pressure. You can’t go wrong. It taps into something